Independent Stationers is pleased to announce IS-Connect, our new EDI communication system.  This system will allow you to transmit EDI Purchase Orders, for direct buy manufacturers (not for RDC purchases) making one connection to us. We will then push that PO to the vendor on your behalf. The vendor will send EDI Order Acknowledgements back to us which we will forward to you.  IS-Connect will benefit both members and suppliers by lowering order processing costs, improving transaction processing speed and increasing transaction accuracy. 

Why are we doing this?

  • Many vendors are looking for ways to improve efficiencies and are considering adding charges for taking non-EDI orders in the near future.
  • Some vendors are considering giving discounts for electronic orders.
  • We are taking the early steps to get you set up so you can take advantage of the efficiencies as the world continues to move further down the electronic path.

We currently have over 50 of our vendors set up and ready to accept your orders. We are adding more vendors each month to the list. A current list is kept on the IS website for you to reference. You will need to login to access this.

We have tested this with 10 dealers on different systems and currently have 15 dealerships in the beginning set up stages.

To effectively launch IS-Connect, IS will utilize mapping guidelines that are consistent with other trading partners in the office products industry. You will find the technical specifications for both of these documents on the IS Member Dashboard.

  1. Login at, with your username and password. If you do not have a login you can self-register to receive one.
  1. Once logged into the home page of the Member Dashboard, click the IS-Connect graphic. You will be directed to:

IS-Connect currently supports DDMS and MBS Dev.  There are setup instructions on the IS-Connect setup page. This is very important information we want you to read first.

For other third party systems please contact for assistance.

We are requesting your participation for the testing of IS-Connect at your earliest convenience.  Please complete the form below and email to:

For direct support, contact Doug Murray, EDI support at to begin testing or for any questions relating to the mapping guidelines.

Thank you in advance for your participation in IS-Connect.