Pitt Plastics has announce that beginning September 1, 2014, they will transition stock flat pack can liners to perforated coreless rolls.

This will involve the following product families: Vu Thru, Tru-Mil, BlackStar and our Isolation liners. Beyond the packaging changes, the items will largely remain unaffected, with size, gauge and case pack remaining the same. Some items will have an adjustment in cases per layer and cases per pallet. These changes, along with the packaging details, liners per roll and rolls per case, will be communicated around August 1st, prior to the conversion.

At that time, customers who currently purchase these items will receive a cross reference that lists the specific flat pack items affected along with the replacement item and specs.  If you have any questions, please contact Pitt Plastics directly.  Pitt Plastics can be reached at 800-835-0366