Since our update on September 14, Essendant has continued progress towards having all Members’ RDC Central Bill Accounts active.  Central Bill Accounts now make up over 90% of RDC purchase dollars.  This is a great improvement over 77% and 72%, respectively earlier.  Thanks to all of your efforts at moving your systems to the new accounts.

As noted last week, however, those old accounts will soon be unable to accept orders.

Effective September 30, 2016, Essendant will begin deactivating old RDC account numbers. 

If you’ve not fully converted to your new RDC account number(s) by this date, you can expect your operations to be negatively impacted.  If you haven’t done so already, please test your new account number(s) to ensure proper functionality.

If you have questions, contact any of the following IS staff:


Ty Blankenbaker,, 317-579-1163
Mike Foster,, 317-579-1101


Kimberly Wells,, 317-579-1143