This week, each dealership should have received a communication and electronic brochure featuring the details and benefits of our 2017 catalog program.

Highlights of the program include:

  • One catalog (the Cost Container), 5,000 sku’s including OP, IT, Jan-San, Breakroom and Office Furniture.
  • Sku’s to be supported by both wholesalers as much as possible.
  • IS/Essendant Version (includes Essendant private label) and IS/SPR Version (includes SPR private label).
  • Net priced Version K, Lined Out List or Custom priced version.
  • Focus is on the RDC – Stock What You Sell and Sell What You Stock.

All orders are placed online. Online ordering instructions and your dealership’s unique login, password and minimum quantity were sent via email.  It is very important that you save this email so that you can place your online order.

You can also find the announcement and brochure on the IS website Member Dashboard in the Marketing Toolbox under Catalogs.  Questions? Contact Janet Eshenour,, 317-579-1153.