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Dear Independent Stationers’ Shareholder:

It is time to nominate individuals from within our membership to fill seats that will be vacated on the Board of Directors in September.  The procedures are as follows:

“The Nominating Committee, as appointed by the Board of Directors, will make a written request of all members for nominations either of themselves or of other members who might be interested and qualified to be a director.  The Committee will come up with a short list from those nominated, and interview those individuals to ascertain their interest, make certain they meet the requirements stated in our By Laws, and allow for regional and business differentiation representation (commercial, retail, geographical location, dealer size, etc.)  A list of several individuals will be presented to the membership as nominees.  At the shareholders meeting, nominations will again be taken from the floor, and the persons with the highest vote counts will be elected as directors.”

The Nominating Committee for 2015 will consist of Bryan Kristenson, Brian Kerr, Joel Vockrodt, and Mike Gentile.

The Nominating Committee is hereby requesting, from all shareholders, nominations for individuals to serve as Directors of Independent Stationers.  You may nominate yourself, or may nominate another individual from within the IS membership.  If you choose to nominate another individual, we ask that you contact that person and receive their permission to enter their name into nomination.   Each nominee must meet the requirements, as listed in our corporate By Laws, which include: 

May be a principal owner, partner in, or an officer of the Shareholder company; discounts payments to and has no indebtedness to IS; meets all qualifications of being an IS shareholder, complying with all of the Corporation’s by-laws, policies, and procedures; promotes and purchases as much as possible those lines available through IS; remains financially sound; and operates a safe orderly, lawfully compliant business.

Please return any nominations in writing to the attention of Cora Lienemann at the IS office no later than July 7, 2015.

All nominations received will be reviewed to ascertain that each nominee does indeed meet the qualifications listed above.  The Nominating Committee will prepare a short list.  This list will be presented in writing to all Shareholders, accompanied by the Notice of Shareholders Meeting and the proxy, at least 30 days prior to the October 7, 2015 Shareholders Meeting.  These nominees will be printed on the ballot.  Shareholders will also be allowed to make other nominations from the floor.  If nominations are made from the floor, a brief recess will be made to ascertain that the individual meets the above listed qualifications.  Once this has been determined, if applicable, names will be added to the ballot, and voting will proceed. Shareholders will cast votes for those individuals on the ballot. The three nominees with the highest vote counts will be named as Directors to three-year terms beginning October 2015, and ending with the shareholders meeting in the year 2018.

Click here for the Nomination Form (This is only for Shareholders)