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Looking for eConfidentials on the iPortal and coming up empty?  There's a reason for that!

On December 1st, we moved eConfidentials from Oracle Portal to the Member Dashboard of the Independent Stationers Web Site   The new site location is available by navigating the Web path Member Dashboard/ Vendors & Partners/eConfidentials. 

This was done to eliminate multiple sign on credentials with improved visibility and links to the vendor content available from our vendor document library, all in effort to make it easier for you as a member to do business with Independent Stationers.

Individuals who currently have access to eConfidentials must have login credentials to our web site to be able to access eConfidentials content going forward. 

If you don’t have web site login credentials, please follow the steps noted below **. 

If you have web credentials and you already have eConfidentials access, no additional setup is required.  You simply need to know how to navigate to the new location on the Independent Stationers Web Site:  Member Dashboard/ Vendors & Partners/eConfidentials.

If you do not currently have access to eConfidentials and believe you should, please speak with your Member Web Admin, who will authorize the set up with our team. 

The old Portal location was kept active until this week.   As of today, you no longer have access to eConfidentials via Oracle Portal.

** If you do not have a login to the IS web site already set up, please go to, click on Login, then on Request Login.  Select the Type of MEMBER and fill out the form.  Once approved, you will receive an email which will contain a link you will use to set up your password.  Your User name for the web site will be your email address. 

If you are not sure if you have a login or not, please contact, and she will verify if a new set up is required. 

If you have a login but have forgotten your password, please visit the site, click Login, and then click Forgot Password.  Once you fill out the form and submit, you will receive an email with the password set link.