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There are still discounts available if you place your 2015 calendar orders with AAG! The program will work the same as it has in years past:

Payment Terms (as specified in the Mead Westvaco Volume Dealer Terms & Conditions)
ALL Stock Orders and Reorders received before 8/1  (Excludes Academic Year Merchandise):  1% 11/10, Net 12/1

AAG 2.5%   8/10/2014
AAG 2.0%   9/10/2014
AAG 1.5%   10/10/2014
AAG 1.0%   11/10/2014
Net Terms   12/1/2014

NOTE:  For those Customers who wish to further discount their bills, they may anticipate at the rate of 1/2% per month preceding 11/10.  Anticipation discounts may be taken from acknowledgements or actual invoices.


At A Glance Order Confirmations for 2015 calendars will be sent directly to IS VIA EMAIL.
As IS receives the order confirmations, it will enter the confirmation as an invoice to the Member's account.  Payment terms are in the system to adjust the discount on the ACH statement according to the schedule noted above.  Members may pay the invoice and take the discount as it appears on the ACH.
Please contact Joyce Grimes or Kimberly Wells with any questions,, 317-579-1104, or, 317-579-1143.