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As you may have heard, Amazon has made an aggressive push into our local communities through contracts they are winning with local government and school districts.  Amazon is now looking to become the online marketplace for the Department of Defense.  In this year’s House National Defense Reauthorization bill, there is language that would create a new DoD online marketplace.  We have already seen DoD E-Mall being replaced by DoD Fed Mall.  This new online marketplace has been written for Amazon and would cause even more confusion in the DoD procurement process.  If you read through this massive 88-page bill, you will see what we mean.  This marketplace would make it almost impossible for the government to enforce current FAR policies.  This would turn the DoD into a true wild wild west that will only end up driving costs and hurting legitimate small businesses.


We need every dealer, wholesaler, buying group, and all your employees to join us in opposing this legislation.


NOPA has been aggressively opposing this legislation, not on the grounds it creates a new online marketplace, but because the government should not be in the business of creating winners and losers.  The government should not be in the business of requiring you to turn all your pricing strategies over to a private company, who could use it to take your government business from you. 


Congress reconvenes after a month-long recess with a full plate of issues to tackle.  One of the issues the Senate will be voting on in September is the FY’18 National Defense Reauthorization bill.  This bill does not include the Amazon online marketplace language the House bill does.  We need everyone to write their Senators asking they oppose and language in the NDAA Reauthorization bill that creates this new Amazon controlled marketplace.  Some will say that Amazon is so big we cannot win this fight.  This is where you’d be wrong.  NOPA is having success, but your Senators need to hear directly from you – small business owners, employees, and constituents.  You are the power behind this effort and we need all of you to flood these offices with letters.  Don’t just send one, send multiple letters.  Get all your employees to send a letter letting your Senators know what impacts this will have on jobs in their state. 


Contact your local representative TODAY by visiting the NOPA website and submitting your comments via VoterVoice.


This process takes no more than two minutes and success could mean millions of dollars in saved business opportunities.  This is a ROI you cannot afford to pass on.  I know everyone is busy, but if we are going to stop this special interest payout to large multi-billion company, then we need to act now.  Join us today in sending a message that this type of special interest abuse will not be tolerated!