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After successfully selling Rosa’s Office Plus on April 1, 2016, John Hauptstueck is now officially back doing what he loves-- consulting!


“I feel rejuvenated, invigorated, and ready to dive in to help bring the same rejuvenation to dealer operations.”


Today’s business environment requires continuous adjustment and review. Office Ventures Consulting’s (OVC) focus is to help you and your team uncover the key elements of your business that can be adjusted or established. Running your business the same way it has been run for years will lead to the same outcomes. Growing your business with greater efficiency, profit and success is a goal shared by your organization and ours. Having an industry veteran look at your business from a new perspective can uncover those hidden opportunities quickly that equate to additional profit on existing business.


John will be at the ISSA Show in October and both the EPIC and ECI shows in November. Visit John’s newly launched website or give him a call.


John also notes that he has a warehouse full of RDC product that he is willing to make a deal for dealers interested. Reach out to for a spreadsheet and make a deal.