EPIC Business Essentials

While we will agree with you, there are a lot of moving parts to EPIC, the final and most important is you getting your payments posted to your Accounts Receivable.

We see dealers that have a variety of issues in getting their cash posted and we want to help you with that.

Some things to check on –

  • Do you have a GL Code (General Ledger) to post the EPIC and program fees to?
    • We highly recommend this.  This means you’ll be able to tell a year from now how much you’ve paid to EPIC and our program partners to participate in the contracts that we offer to you.
    • Please DO NOT post credit card fees to this EPIC GL code – that is a basic cost to do business for you.
  • We notify you every time we make a deposit into your bank account
    • Is the correct person getting these notifications?
  • We also send DETAIL on every transaction using your transaction number – this enables you to debit the fees and post the cash quickly and easily.

We meet regularly with Receivables folks at our dealers to walk through the process and assist with this.

If you need assistance with this Dealer Payment Process, please contact Nita Turpin and set up a webinar for your Receivables team.

Nita can be reached at nturpin@epicbusinessessentials.com or by phone at 847-261-0053.

We’re here to help!