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EPIC, the joint national accounts sales organization with Independent Stationers [I.S.] and TriMega Purchasing Association [TriMega], announces the latest round of negotiations with both wholesalers pertaining to the I.S. TCPN “piggyback” office supply agreement. 

As background, TCPN is an agreement that allows dealers to sell to state and local government and educational entities without having to go out to bid.  The TCPN program is the largest office products blanket agreement in the channel with literally hundreds of cities, schools, and non-profits leveraging their spend to save time and money.

Based on the results of these discussions, the wholesaler contracts are resulting in a blended gross margin of 23.9% [before fees] and even higher with any direct or RDC-type dealer sourcing.  This enables even stockless dealers to enjoy contract-level costs without contract-level margins. 

Mike Gentile, Independent Stationers President & CEO, stated, “We are very pleased with the outcome of our discussions with the wholesalers, as they both came to play regarding allowing acceptable margins for our dealers in a tough competitive set of circumstances”.   Mike Maggio, TriMega President, added, “There is a tremendous opportunity with TCPN for our dealers to broaden share in segments too often ceded to Depot or Staples.  We are encouraging dealers to get involved – now.”

For more information about TCPN, please contact Toby Tobin at ttobin@epicbusinessessentials.com