EPIC 2017

After EPIC 2017 is completed, here is how you claim your hotel reimbursement and bonus participation funds:

Complete the Hotel Room Reimbursement Form, and submit it, along with a copy of your hotel room bill, to cora@independentstationers.coop.  You can find the form here or by visiting www.wherebighappens.com, under the Travel tab.  Deadline for submission of the forms is October 16.  Claims received after this date will not be eligible.

For the Bonus Participation funds, from $250 up to $500, you must complete the specified Challenges at EPIC 2017.  The challenges you select will be tracked to verify that you accomplished the challenges and met the goal for payment of the funds.

Each dues-paying member of Independent Stationers and of TriMega is eligible for 1 (one) EPIC Participation Bonus payout and must successfully complete the required Challenges! You must submit your EPIC Participation Bonus Reimbursement Form after EPIC 2017 concludes and before October 16.

In order to receive your EPIC 2017 Participation Bonus, you must complete three of the six EPIC 2016 Challenges listed below during the dates of the conference, September 10-12, 2017. You may select which of the three EPIC 2017 Challenges you would like to complete.

1.Color Your World game card – Show your completed Color Your World game card to a staff member at the EPIC Info Booth
2.Download and check in or post on EPIC 2017 App.            
3.Complete and turn in a seminar evaluation form at the EPIC Info Booth
4.Answer three EPIC questions about our exhibitors at the EPIC Info Booth
5.Record a 15 second video testimonial about EPIC 2017 at the EPIC Info Booth
6.EGT Participants: All scheduled EGT appointments must be kept in order to receive any EPIC Participation Bonus.

Questions?  Ask any staff member at EPIC, or contact Cora (317-579-1111, cora@independentstationers.coop) or Janet (317-579-1153, eshenour@independentstationers.coop).