EPIC 2016

Tuesday Nov. 1
3:00pm – 5:00pm

OPEN TO ALL EPIC ATTENDEES:  TriMega Members, IS Members, Exhibitors and Guests!

The NEXT Committee* is pleased to present its 3rd Annual Give Back event taking place at EPIC! Open to all attendees, this event represents one of the ways EPIC attendees can make an EPIC impact by giving back to others in need. This year’s event entitled “Spreading Cheer” involves participants assembling Cheeriodicals. We will be spreading cheer one smile at a time!

What are Cheeriodicals?

Cheeriodicals are "big green boxes of cheer" made up of age-appropriate magazines, toys, crafts, and goodies for hospitalized children at City of Hope to enjoy.

Working in teams of 8-10, EPIC attendee volunteers will assemble the customized boxes, coming together to do work that changes lives, making a measurable difference for hospitalized children.  Then, following our EPIC event, a team of volunteers will help make a personal delivery of the truckload of Cheeriodicals to the eagerly awaiting children at City of Hope! Every single child will get their own big green box of cheer! Learn about Cheeriodicals here.

How do you spread cheer in the NEXT Give Back event?  During your event registration, you can sign up to participate!

The cost of Cheeriodicals is covered in part by donations. You can join in the fundraising effort by sharing the Cheeriodicals Crowdrise page with your friends, family, colleagues and others through social media. Every dollar raised will go toward "Big Green Boxes of Cheer" that will make their way to much deserving children!

Can’t join us to assemble Cheeriodicals – you can still make a difference by DONATING here!

Read about the impact you can make with these little green boxes here.

Join us as we spread cheer to benefit the children & families of those battling cancer at City of Hope. ALL attendees are invited to participate!

*The NEXT Committee is TriMega’s group of young executives and future industry leaders