EPIC 2016

Most of us can agree about the importance – and value of Buy Local in our marketplaces. In fact, according to recent research by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Buy Local initiatives have played an important role in strengthening independent businesses, with those companies with an active “buy local” efforts in their markets experiencing revenue growth of 7% percent in 2015, compared to 4% percent for those without such an initiative. But you’ve got to ask the question – what really does Buy Local mean when you are going to battle against disrupter and behemoth, Amazon – and other Big Box competitors? This insightful and interactive session will take a look at their effect on the marketplace in relation to Buy Local strategies. We will also discuss its impact on our customers’ mindset and how to use the powerful Buy Local story as a tool to compete.  Moderated by a Local First expert, in this session, you’ll also hear from other dealers who have used Buy Local in their business with success, and learn how to position your business to benefit from being local – while competing against the 800lb gorilla!